About Treadmasters Limited

Treadmasters Company began operating in 2000 and was incorporated as TreadMasters (TML) (pvt) in 2003. The company, with distribution rights, deals in Tyre Retreading since 2000, New Tyres since 2004, Engine Oils since 2020, Batteries since 2016 as well other related services.

We only offer checked, original products that meet our high-quality standards. Fast deliveries, competitive prices, the availability of large stocks, friendly contact with each customer, Professional advice and support are qualities which distinguish us.

"Taking the power into your hands".

Our goals are to enrich our customers lives and make their business successful by offering marketing and premium quality tyres, Engine oils, Batteries and Tyre Retreads.

To give you an excellent driving experience and engine/motor experience, which is not only safe but comfortable and reliable, by ensuring your vehicle/machinery is given the top care it needs for long-lasting top perfomances.

Vision Statement

To be the preferences of our customers' choice by becoming the top retread center and leading supplier of top premium quality services in the areas of our expertise.

Mission Statement

Continuos development and add value to tyre and engine industry that guarantees quality service, timely delivery and retains the money value of our clients.

Our Slogan

"Taking the power into your hands".

Core Values

We operate in the most extensive retail network in Malawi. We offer a comprehensive range of products. Currently, we have a wide range of passenger tyres, van tyres, truck tyres, off-road tyres as well as grater &agricultural tyres.


Customer Satisfaction

The customer’s needs always comes first in all our operations. 

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency

Duly, wholly and timely communicating with all our partners and stakeholders on issues relevant to them.

Hard work

With our industry nature, hard work is a cornerstone in order to always deliver premium quality products and services.

We are offering both high-quality Maintenance as well as Maintenance-free Raylite Batteries manufactured in South Africa, which are of different capacity batteries ranging from small vehicles to large trucks.

Our engine oils both for large to small petrol and diesel engines, gear oil, grease, coolant brake fluid, generator, transformer, motor oils and all other lubricants. All our products offered with doorstep delivery.


Understanding - We have a deep understanding of the market conditions and possess business acumen, due to our diversified industrial knowledge.

Unrivalled Financial Track Record – Our financial results speak for themselves. We have tapped a number of lucrative markets in the past and have been able to deliver exceptional profits to our partners and shareholders. Annually we are able to beat our sales targets by 100 percent, which also keep increasing yearly.

Strategic Platform for Growth – We have a strong regional presence in Lilongwe and Blantyre with potential for penetration and development in additional regions such as Mzuzu and Zomba. We also have a strong history of successful strategic acquisitions and organic growth.

Efficient Supply Chain Over the years - we have worked hard to build strong relationships with suppliers, distributers, government institutions and policy makers. Our current market reach is second to none.

Favorable Market Dynamics which Increased demand from the constantly growing population. We have a strong team of Public Relations and marketing experts who know exactly what it takes to get products to market, penetrate the core demographics and build tremendous brand loyalty.

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